Founded in January 2016, Black Moon Tattoo strives to offer highest quality tattooing and welcoming customer service in a best-in-class environment. Serving all of Madison and the surrounding areas, we're located on Madison's near east side at 819 East Johnson Street. We love traditional tattooing, but enjoy a variety of styles and work with our clients to arrive at the best approach for their needs. Appointments available and walk-ins always welcome.

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I hold tattooing and this culture near and dear to my heart. I feel honored to be a part of this community and strive to better myself in this trade everyday. I believe in staying true to the traditions of tattooing and respecting who has come before me. My ultimate goal is to give my clients a tattoo that will keep it's integrity over the course of time.

I have a heavy personal interest in traditional tattoos but love all the opportunities I am given to delve into different styles and approaches. Regardless of the size of tattoo you're looking for, from small and personal to larger custom pieces, I aim to help make your experience and choices as educated and as seamless as possible. Thank you!

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Derek Anderson

Without a doubt, tattooing is my driving force. I will never forget my first experience at the tattoo shop and how from that point on I knew this was what I wanted to do. It is a great honor to be working along side such solid tattooers, and I am forever indebted to those before me.

Most of my inspiration is derived from old Traditional tattooing itself. I also find inspiration in things I see in movies, music, and just in life itself. I will never stop working hard at this, and will always be grateful to those that allow me the privilege to tattoo them.

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